Gina White - Author wearing medical mask

Safe and Sane Autoimmune Quarantine

Are you practicing a safe and sane autoimmune quarantine?  There is no doubt we are all experiencing very trying times with autoimmune disease during the COVID-19 pandemic.  Keeping ourselves safe and sane at the same time can be challenging.   I am personally self-quarantining and not going out for any reason.  I won’t lie, it is difficult. We are all so accustomed to being able to come and go as we please.  

Gina White - Author wearing medical mask

As autoimmune warriors, we are in the high- risk category for the COVID-19 virus. Living with autoimmune disease always puts us at a higher risk with common colds and flu but we typically manage to recover. The COVID-19 is different, new and we have no built-up immunity against it.  For those reasons, it is extremely dangerous even for the general population but much more so for those of us with compromised immune systems, underlying health conditions and the elderly.

Playing It Safe

Listening to the CDC recommendations in how to avoid contracting COVID-19 is critical.  There are very simple things we can do to keep ourselves safe and healthy during this time. 



Here is my top List

Self-Quarantine and stay home unless necessary

  • Use home grocery and pharmacy delivery – if not available ask a healthy family member or friend; volunteers on social media including churches and other organizations
  • Make sure you are stocked up on all medications
  • Delay doctor appointments unless necessary
  • Delay surgery unless critical – call your doctor to discuss
  • Take your vitamins and supplements
  • Eat as healthy as possible
  • Stay hydrated – drink at least 6-8 glasses of water daily

I personally decided to delay my knee arthroscopy schedule for April 10th.  I felt bringing my immune system down further would probably not be a good idea at this time.


Wash your hands frequently with soap and warm water for 20 seconds. Sing the Happy Birthday Song twice through and that should do it.

  • If you don’t have anti-bacterial soap – regular soap will do
  • Change out your hand drying towel frequently or use disposable ones
  • Don’t leave used paper towels or hand towels lying on the kitchen or bathroom counters

Don’t touch your face!  It’s hard I know but really try.  Here are some helpful tips.

  • Keep your hair pulled back if long so that it does not tickle your face
  • Avoid wearing makeup during this time to keep from contaminating your products
  • Wash your makeup brushes with a good makeup brush cleanser frequently
  • Use eye drops to remove things in your eye or a tissue – not your fingers
  • If you must touch your face use a disposable tissue or cloth that can be washed

Keep hard surfaces clean using an anti-bacterial cleaner or wipe or use Clorox and water- read bottle for mixture directions.

  • Clean your kitchen counters daily or after use
  • Sanitize frequently used areas such as refrigerator door handles, microwave handles, doorknobs, faucet handles and toilet seats
  • Wipe down cell phones, laptops, keyboards, tablets and mouse

Practice Social Distancing

  • Refrain from group events with family and friends not living in the household
  • Saying hello to your neighbor is fine but keep a 6-foot distance
  • Don’t allow neighborhood kids to visit during this time
  • Use social media and video chatting to keep in touch with family and friends

Keeping Your Sanity

Living life with autoimmune disease certainly does not make the COVID-19 quarantine our first rodeo!  Our symptoms, quite often, can keep us at home or from enjoying the things we used to without question.  However, the added anxiety and stress of a crisis can worsen our symptoms and bring on a full-blown FLARE! Try to keep yourself busy with positive activities that will aid in health and well being during this time.

Getting outdoors in the fresh air will do amazing things for your health and mental well-being. The beauty and sounds of nature sooth the soul. Enjoy your own yard or sit on your porch.  A good 10-15-minute natural dose of vitamin D from the sun has amazing benefits for our bones and immune system. Be sure to apply sunscreen if you plan to stay out longer. 


I love to work with the Earth

To keep my sanity, I have been working in my yard preparing my flower beds and trimming shrubs.  For me, there is just something very therapeutic working with the earth.  The rewards of the beauty that will come with late spring and summer makes it so worthwhile. 

Positive Quarantine Acitivities

Here are a few ideas to help keep your mind occupied with positive activities while quarantined.

  • Catch up on reading – visit my blog
  • Tackle those home projects you have had on your list such as organizing drawers, closets, recipes, photos
  • Start a blog or journal to document your fun quarantine activities and share on social media to share what you are doing to stay busy
  • Call a friend and catch up
  • Try yoga, Pilates or gentle stretching to keep your tendons and ligaments from being stiff. There are a lot of great videos on YouTube
  • Take a walk if you live in an area without heavy population
  • Do crafts with the kids – lots of great ideas on Pinterest
  • Try a new recipe
  • Pamper yourself with a home spa day – a warm soak and facial will help you feel relaxed and refreshed

Stay Informed!

Above all, protect yourself, your family and keep yourself informed on the latest information from the following resources.  Wishing you all gentle hugs and wishes for health and wellness during this difficult time for our country and the world.

For the most up to date information visit the CDC and the Arthritis Foundation.

If you have ideas for keeping safe and sane during quarantine, please drop them in the comments below. Let’s support and empower each other with as much positive information and knowledge as possible.

Wishing you a safe and sane autoimmune quarantine!


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